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A High Energy Tribute to Modern Country Music. ​

Get ready to experience the electrifying sights and sounds  of 33THUNDER,

a powerhouse group of passionate and talented musicians led by the extraordinary Lead Singing Bassist, Pete Violas.  Born and raised in the charming town of Canandaigua, nestled in the heart of the Finger Lakes in Western NY, Pete's musical journey was shaped by the mesmerizing melodies of legends like Johnny, Elvis, and Willie.  But it was his resilience and strength in the face of the Route 91 Tragedy that ignited the creation of one of Southern California's most dedicated and hardworking modern country bands. 


Embark on a thrilling country road trip with 33THUNDER, where everyone is invited to revel in the infectious energy. Whether you're in the mood to 2 Step to the timeless classics of country music, line dance to the iconic hits of the '90s, or simply sit back, nod your head, and savor the smooth sounds of contemporary country, we've got the perfect playlist for you.


 In the face of the unprecedented challenges of 2021, 33THUNDER defied the odds and delivered an astonishing 73 unforgettable performances. We became regulars at legendary venues such as the Cowboy Palace Saloon in Los Angeles, the Old Crow Smokehouse in Huntington Beach, Maverick in Santa Ynez, The Whiskey River Saloon in Norco, and Swallows in San Juan Capistrano. And our crowning achievement was gracing the stage at the prestigious Mammoth Village Fest. But hold on tight, because 2022 was just the beginning of our meteoric rise. We kept the momentum going with an equally impressive lineup of shows, leaving audiences breathless. And in 2023, we shattered all expectations, delivering a staggering 99 electrifying performances. We rocked the Orange County Fair for five consecutive nights, made our sensational debut at the renowned Gilley's in Las Vegas, returned triumphantly to Mammoth Villagefest for the third time, and left a trail of unforgettable memories at numerous private events and our very first wedding. And brace yourselves, because 2024 is set to be our most monumental year yet. We're thrilled to announce our debut at Blake Shelton's Ole Red on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, where we will make history as the first-ever California Country Band to grace its stage on Valentine's Day! 


At 33THUNDER, we understand that every event is unique. That's why we offer customizable options to suit your budget and preferences. Whether you desire the dynamic trio, the powerful four-piece ensemble, or the addition of a phenomenal female vocalist who will captivate you with her renditions of your favorite female country and rock songs, we've got you covered.


But behind every success story, there is a defining moment that changes everything. On October 1, 2017, Pete and his wife found themselves in the midst of the harrowing Route 91 Festival shooting. Enduring 12 minutes of terror, they miraculously escaped with their lives, battered and bruised, but filled with an unquenchable determination. This life-altering event not only marked the beginning of Pete's tattoo collection, but more importantly, it ignited a fire within him to create the best band of his lifetime – 33THUNDER.


 With the wings of 58 angels guiding us, we will soar to new heights, bringing you an unforgettable musical experience like no other. Get ready to be swept away by the thunderous rhythms, soaring melodies, and electrifying performances that define the essence of 33THUNDER. ​​ 

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